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Here's Why You Should Consider A Personal Styling Subscription Box

With most shopping malls and retail stores closed at the moment, personal stylist clothing subscription boxes have certainly come to the rescue for all fashion enthusiasts. As we adjust to this new way of life, this shift has made us modify our choices. Here we are, witnessing the future of shopping. Having a personal stylist at your fingertips would have been unthinkable in the past. A personal stylist who would do the time-consuming task of putting together a stellar outfit and then sending it at your doorstep, sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Here's more, there are different subscription boxes that cater to various styles. From a box of athleisure to luxurious clothing items and accessories, there's everything one could possibly imagine....

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Cuff Rolling - How To?

Hello Stately Men!  It’s that time again for your Fashion Fairy Godmother to give you some advice and this week we are talking about how to fashionably roll up those sleeves! When it comes to office temperature, there seems to be an unwritten rule that if one person is comfortable, another is either going to be hovering under a blanket or trying to take as many layers off as they can before they die of heatstroke.  That’s it, there is no in-between!   If you are like most men you tend to be warmer when others are complaining that they’re cold.  The question is how do you stay stylish while not getting too warm at work?   The answer, of course, is...

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