Men’s Style Quiz: 6 Questions To Help You Define Your Personal Style

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While a man’s personal style is inherent, it takes time and effort to define and develop it. This means that to create your clothing style, you will need to take a moment to understand your fashion preferences, tastes and ideal fits.

To get the best results, answering this personal style quiz for men can guide you through the process, making it smoother and easier to discover your style!

  • What is your favorite color?

Wearing clothes in your favorite color can instantly boost your confidence in your appearance. This makes colors and patterns an essential part of defining your personal style.

  • What is your favorite item of clothing?

What is that apparel you can comfortably wear all week long? Is it denims, blazers, or button-up shirts? Staying true to your preferences can help you correctly define your personal style.

  • What are two words you can use to define your style?

Take a moment to think and then write down two words that define your style. Is your style “Bold and daring?”, “Sleek and classy?”, or “Comfortable and cheerful?” The answers to this question will easily point you in the right direction.

  • What items are you drawn to?

When you visit stores, what section do you go to first? Is it the sweatshirt section or the suit section? If the first section you visit on any site is the suit section, then your personal style is most likely classy and formal.

  • What do you feel most confident wearing?

One important thing to keep in mind when defining your personal style is you want to wear clothes that not only make you look dapper, but also make you feel great. Whether it is a blazer, a bomber jacket, a polo, or the right pair of shoes, find that item or those items that get you excited to want to be in front of people.

  • What is your lifestyle?

How can you interpret your style to ensure it’s appropriate for your work environment? How can you make it comfortable enough for your daily routine? Considering your lifestyle will help you choose a style that is practical.

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