Outside the Outfit

10 Things To Do To Look Better Instantly!

When it comes to always looking your best the first thing that probably jumps to your mind is your clothing.  They do say clothes make the man, right? Wrong! As with everything, you must improve your look by first starting with yourself.  

  • Whiten Those Pearlies – Having teeth that are a little stained is normal, even for someone who takes great care of their teeth!  However, people judge how clean we are based a lot on how our teeth look. To always look your best, invest in a good tooth whitening kit to keep your teeth always looking clean and healthy.
  • Banish The Breath -We have all been there, stuck in a conversation with someone has horrid breath and is standing WAY too close!  No one wants to be in that situation, so make sure you are not putting anyone else in that situation by getting a tongue scraper to use daily for fresher smelling breath and less people trying to avoid talking to you.
  • Switch Your Scent –Studies have shown that women can not only identify their mate by smell alone, but also that a woman is calmed by the scent of her man!  I know it sounds crazy but as a woman I can say that this is 100% true! So for that next date with your favorite someone, ditch the heavy cologne and body sprays and opt for a clean scent deodorant instead.
  • Un-slouch Your Stance – While we are not even conscious of it, we express many things when we stand up straight.  In doing this we are saying that we are confident, have self-respect. For our audience, it also shows that we respect them and value what they are saying.  If you tend to slouch, try to be more aware of how you’re standing/sitting and if you notice your slouching, correct it. Do this enough times and standing/sitting straight will become natural.
  • Update Your Banter –Having good communication skills will benefit you in every aspect of your life, whether you are ordering food in a restaurant or asking your boss for that raise you deserve.  If you find that you are not communicating as effectively as you could be, take a communication class like Interpersonal Communication. You can find them both at your local college as well as online.
  • Spin Your Sleeves – Do you know which part of your arms women look at the most?  If you answered bicep you would be very wrong. It’s your forearm! Women love men’s forearms (I know I do) so if you’re wearing a long sleeve shirt, make sure to roll those sleeves up to your elbow to showcase them!
  • Revise Your Locks – I’m guessing that most of you don’t wear the same shirts from 10 years ago right?  So, why do you have the same boring hairstyle? Just like your clothing fashion, you also need to update your hairstyle annually.  If you have been working the short hair look for a while try for growing your hair longer, women love playing with your hair as much as theirs!
  • Nix the Microwave -While every kitchen has a microwave, it should never be your primary source of your cooking!  Let’s face it, a man being able to cook is attractive, plain and simple. Now you don’t have to go all out on this one and start collecting cookbooks, but at least learn how to make a few simple meals that you can share with friends, family or even make for a date!
  • Pamper Your Skin -When it comes to looking your best every day, you need to have a skincare regimen in place.  This means not only do you need to use a good daily cleanser that doesn’t leave your skin dry or greasy, but also using sunscreen, and not just in the summer! 
  • Prune the Beard – There is only one easy way to say this…get rid of the neckbeard! It does not look sexy, it looks like you’re dirty and you probably smell bad.  Now don’t get me wrong, I actually prefer men with beards, but it needs to be well kept and not like you just woke up from hibernation.

There you have it Gents, 10 easy things that you can do on a daily basis to ensure that you are always looking your best!