6 Different Clothing Styles for Men

What do Shakespeare and Mark Twain have in common besides being some of the most famous writers of all time? They both believed in the phrase “clothes make the man.” The ancient proverb explains how men’s outfits are a basic expression of who we are. 

While we never want to judge someone based on appearances, the human eye and mind are conditioned to draw conclusions based on what we see and experience. Men’s clothing styles are a fashion experience. Every article of clothing we wear gives people a small glimpse into the type of person we could be. 

A Stately man doesn’t limit himself and wears different clothing styles. Here are our top six men's outfit ideas for all the different types of fashion kings out there.


1.) The Business Mogul



Everyone loves a man in a suit. The Business Mogul never needs an excuse to wear a suit every day. Our CEOs, head executives, and top-tier professionals follow a more formal daily dress code. The suits, slacks, ties, and neat button-downs are their signature outfit combinations. These are men who are bold in the boardroom and in their fashion choices. They’re not afraid to stand out and they always look good doing it. 

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2.) The Country Boy



Channel your inner Morgan Wallen and Luke Combs with this Country Boy look. For this rustic aesthetic, you will always need a good pair of denim jeans in your wardrobe rotation. Jeans are tough, durable, don’t tear easily, and are made for our most rugged men. Pair the jeans with your favorite plaid shirts, boots, and lightweight jacket for true country clothing styles for men.



3.) The Manly Monochrome



Want to look like you know what you’re doing without looking like you’re trying too hard? Consider monochromatic outfit ideas for men. This includes choosing a single color and incorporating shades of that single color throughout the entire outfit. 

Our favorite monochromatic look is a black, gray, and white color scheme. To keep it from looking too much like a referee on Superbowl Sunday, be sure to play with textures through layers and add details with accessories.



4.) The Classic Man



Trends come and go, but the Classic Man knows that some looks are timeless. Basic selections like dark denim and navy blazers are always good choices. Simple cuts, shapes, and silhouettes for men’s outfits aren’t boring; they’re just classic. Sometimes, less is more, and a Classic Man knows that well. 

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5.) The Preppy Gent



For our more clean-cut crowd, one of the most refined clothing styles for men is preppy boy fashion. This can include chinos, polos, sweaters with loafers or oxfords. The key to this look is a traditional take with youthful twists. Little things like rolling up the ends of your chinos or adding classic accessories like a tie or shades can take your outfit to the next level.

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6.) The IG Husband



If there’s one underrated group of men that know how to dress, it’s the Instagram Husbands and Boyfriends of the world. When you’re looking for men’s outfit ideas, you can count on their feeds for inspo. Their style makes it seem like they’re on vacation in the Caribbean for 360 days of the year. Comfortable white sneakers for all the travel days are an absolute essential. Patterned button-downs express a casual and cool feel. Add a reliable watch, so you never miss the right times to post your OOTD. 


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Sebastian O'Hara
Writer based in Los Angeles, CA