A Guide to the James Bond Look

A Guide to the James Bond Look

The James Bond style has been a staple of reference for men’s fashion since we first saw the iconic tailored suits of Sean Connery in 1962. Even through the character’s 60 years of evolution, the sophisticated aesthetic proves to be timeless. His coveted fashion sense goes beyond a polished suit. This guide to get the James Bond look is founded on elegant comfort, meticulous layering, complementing cuts, and perfectly curated accessories.

Sean Connery as james Bond leaning on a wall in a full black suit and slim black tie

Fit and Silhouette

A defining aspect of James Bond’s image is form-fitting clothing. While it’s important to recognize that we do not all have the physique of a professional spy, choosing clothes that complement your body type will always elevate your look. Select pieces that feel comfortable, with sleek lines, sleeves perfectly at the wrist, and the fabric skimming your frame without hugging it. You don’t have to be a James Bond lookalike. If wearing a tie, choose a slimmer style to lengthen your form and accentuate your figure.


The attire that is most synonymous with James Bond is often formal, primarily his tuxedo or fitted suit. This style is amongst the most flattering for a man, as the layering and silhouette of the clothing accents masculine features. Getting a tailored suit is not as expensive as you think; however, you may find that doing so is inconvenient and simply dressing in size-appropriate

attire is satisfactory. The important thing is finding a suit that you feel comfortable in, regardless of alterations. Bond’s style is muted and revolves solely around blue, gray, black, brown and beige colors. Though it might limit your options, this palette will guarantee a refined appearance. Get yourself a suit in each color, along with a few basic dress shirts and you will smash that James Bond look for less. Mix and match the jackets and trousers to have access to more than 75 unique combinations, providing you with a myriad of ways to express yourself. Although there can be strict rules for attire in more upscale settings, you can add pops of color and subtle designs for your own unique touch.

Pierce Brosnanas James Bond Posing oon a wooden chair wearing a black tuxedo
Pierce Brosman as james Bond sitting on the hood off a car in khaki chinos , a navy crewnwck sweater, and blue button-down

Smart Casual

Most people have little to no need for formal wear. Luckily, Bond's casual style is much less extensive and attainable. His closet is composed of polos, chinos, jeans, sweaters, and jackets. A common theme is contrasting light-colored trousers with a darker-colored top for a bold, yet eloquent effect. Knitwear is a core aspect of his wardrobe as it instantly relaxes an elevated ensemble. When we think of smart casual, one classic image comes to mind: a solid button-down under a crew neck or quarter zip sweater. Add a casual sport coat as the perfect finishing touch for your James Bond look on a budget. Depending on the weather, these can be further layered by a color complementing jacket. Throughout all of the movies, Bonds’ most favored outerwear have been bomber, denim, leather, and trench coats. 



Elliot Russ
Stately stylist, writer, and designer based in Los Angeles, CA