How to Transition Your Closet to Fall

Fall is many people’s favorite season and it’s no wonder why. Leaves changing, cozy sweaters, warm cocoa, and pumpkin spice. Yeah, that’s great and all, but let’s be honest… fall is about fashion. The cold weather allows for more creativity with layering, accessories, and play of fabrics. Now the end of summer came quicker than expected and you’ve found that you are more than unprepared. Are you looking for autumn outfit ideas? Don’t feel like you have to rush to build a completely new wardrobe. You can add a few staple pieces to your current closet to make for a seamless shift. 

Here are some tips and tricks on how to transition your wardrobe from to Fall.



The key to an easy fall wardrobe transition is layering. With a solid foundation of tees, button-downs, and outerwear, the possibilities are endless. A plain tee is a staple piece that serves as the centerpiece of any fall themed outfit. I recommend keeping a few in neutral colors. Have a mix of short and long sleeves so you can adjust based on the thickness of the outer layer. A fitted tee that hugs your form prevents the outer layer from appearing too billowy or bulky.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more classic fit, pick a tee with a looser fabric, like slub or hachi. This prevents a tight uncomfortable feeling while still maintaining a flattering fit. For a relaxed style, wear them under casual button-downs, such as flannels, corduroy, or chambrays that have a thicker fabric. Vests are the perfect piece to prevent overheating, making them a natural fit for summer to fall wardrobe transition. Maintain a small sweater collection of crew or v-necks, quarter zips, and cardigans. There are so many fabric options to choose, from heavier cable knits to thin fleece. It all depends on the weather and your preference. The best thing about a sweater is that you can dress them up or down for those warm autumn day outfits.

For a classic business casual look, layer a sweater over a button-down. When you’re just seeking comfort, use a crewneck as the core layer of your favorite jacket. If you’re in between, try a jacket over a sweater button-down combo. As for outerwear, you really can’t go wrong. Like sweaters, it’s all dependent on weather conditions. If you’re in the South, you want to stick to denim or a bomber. Flannels, sherpa, down, and puffer jackets are more appropriate. When you want to be more trendy, pair a hoodie under a flannel, jacket, or even a blazer. While layering is mainly for style, it’s practical as well. It’s ideal for men who run hot, no matter the weather, and will stretch into your Autumn holiday clothes. In this case, make sure your base layer is thin and your top layer can be shed.



It’s all about the details. The colors in your fall wardrobe are equally as important as the clothing itself.  is filled with lots of color, brighter tones, and pastels. Fall lends to darker colors and earthy tones. Neutrals like charcoal, black, and navy are go-tos. Not to say you can’t wear color in the cold. I recommend a less saturated palette or adding a pop of color to a neutral Autumn outfit. For example, trade in grass greens and mints for forest and olive. Warmer tones like burgundy’s and oranges are also put into action. Swap lighter washes for dark denim. Don’t forget about black denim! The deeper the color, the more sophisticated the appearance, allowing you to wear them to more formal occasions, like business meetings or nice dinners. Another huge part of fall fashion is the fabrics. Not quite ready for heavy fabrics like wool, but you’ve definitely put all of your linens and lightweight cotton away. Fleece and brushed cotton are the most popular autumn outfit options as they are able to keep you warm while avoiding sweat. Corduroy and flannel are a bit heftier, but not so much that you can breathe. It’s fun to mix and match fabrics as you transition wardrobe from  to Fall. In the heat, it’s way too uncomfortable to be in anything other than one layer. This time of year explore combinations like denim and flannel, leather and brushed cotton, corduroy and fleece, or whatever you can imagine!



We can’t talk about fall to fall fashion without discussing accessories. If you don’t own a pair of boots, you’re not doing it right. There are so many different kinds to suit your autumn inspired outfits, most notably chukkas, Chelseas, and work boots. While the latter are for more casual settings, Chelsea boots can be worn with chinos, slacks, and suits as well. These are most suited for those who live in the snow and struggle wearing dress shoes. Shoe fabrics include leather, suede, and Headwear like fedoras and beanies really top off the look. Scarves add class to any fall outfit. Seek out seasonal fabrics like wool, felt, or thick knits that separate hats and scarves from the rest. Neckwear is the quickest way to protect yourself from harsh weather. If you want to add a pop of color to fall transitional outfits, this is the way to do it. Accessories tie everything together, so why not add some pieces that steal the show?


Mauve Michele
Stately stylist, writer, and designer based in Los Angeles, CA