Men's Clothing Styles Coming in 2023

Man with a watch adjusting his tie

We’ve celebrated the men’s clothing styles and trends of 2022 that took the fashion world by storm. It’s time to look into the new year and prepare you for the newest men’s clothing trends. We’ve picked out three of our favorite men’s clothing styles we’re excited to see more of in 2023!

The Layered Lumberjack: Rugged, Layered Essentials

People in flannels and a tank top sitting on a bridge

For most people, the lumberjack look is known all too well: heavy flannels, trucker jackets, denim pants, wool socks, leather belts, boots, and a heap of rugged layers to keep warm. In 2023, this men’s clothing style will continue to evolve into a layered wonderland of dynamic outfits for brisk autumn nights and frigid winter days.

The Layered Lumberjack is a men’s clothing trend focused on pairing the timeless flannel with other elements of streetwear, businesswear, and your everyday wardrobe. In colder months, don a sherpa-lined flannel over your hoodie or under your work coat to provide much-needed warmth.

Flannels, leather, and other elements of this lumberjack chic style are adaptable to nearly all casual and business casual settings.

The Work-Life to Nightlife Persona: Smart Business Casual Blends

Man on the street wearing a blazer, black tee, gray pants, and white sneakers rolling a suitcase

 When your favorite thing to do is spend nights out on the town with your closest friends, but your job keeps you in the office until dark, it might be time to bring your evening outfit to the office. You may be asking yourself, “How can I make an office-appropriate outfit work for a night out?” The simple answer is smart and business casual.

Business casual encompasses almost every piece of men’s clothing that HR would consider appropriate for your corporate dress code. Think of slacks, blazers, belts, monochrome watches, and collared shirts. When combined with smart casual—a slightly more informal take on business casual—you can make the trip from the cubicle to the club in no time!

Smart casual can include polos, crewnecks or henleys, simple sweaters, fitted trousers, wingtips, and even clean white sneakers. With an easily-removable blazer, stretchy chinos, and a few accessories in your backpack, you can cut out the commute back home and head straight into town!

The Time Traveler: Euro, Vintage Wardrobes

Man with a peacoat and briefcase standing on a hill

Euro-inspired, vintage wardrobes have dominated many parts of the men’s fashion scene, and that won’t change in 2023. This men’s clothing style includes peacoats, three-piece suits, fitted polos, wool trousers, loafers, and a plethora of vintage fashion. 

Men often use this style to make a statement with their appearance. These well-fitting, business casual pieces shout, “I’m not afraid to put on a men’s clothing style from the 70s, 80s, 90s, or 2000s that still looks flawless.” Using earthy and monochrome tones across an entire outfit help to create an intense look, which perfectly suits an individual hoping to catch some looks from passersby.

How to Stay Up to Date with Seasonal Trends and Men’s Fashion in 2023

Keeping up with the latest trends in men’s clothing styles can be a real challenge, not only because of changes in pop culture but also because of the changing seasons. It’s too much work for a single person to continuously prepare for transitioning weather and rotate their wardrobe pieces.

Thankfully, there’s a modern solution for modern problems: Stately! Our stylists know what looks good and make sure you are up to date with the latest trends and seasons. If you’re curious how our stylists can curate a wardrobe of new styles for men's clothing just for you, look no further! We’re excited to see which men’s clothing styles come out on top in 2023, and we’re even more excited to give you all of the components for a modern wardrobe.