Stately Stylist Spotlight: Darija Varnas


Behind every fashionable celebrity, influencer, or model, there is often a talented fashion stylist who works their magic. A great stylist can transform someone's look, whether you have no sense of style, or just need an upgrade. They have a wealth of knowledge about fashion, fabrics, colors, and silhouettes and can use this knowledge to create unique and personalized looks that reflect the client's personality and style. At Stately, we only employ the best of the best, who’s keen eye and industry know-how ensure that our customers look and feel their best. Here we sit down with stylist Darija Varnas and get her tips and tricks on how to be stately.



What's your current favorite fashion trend?

Tonal layering, which is basically wearing different shades of the same color: a dark gray overshirt, a charcoal jacket. It's basically giving dimension to your outfit that you can mix and match and even change colors as the seasons progress.



What’s your #1 fashion tip?

Fit over fashion. We want to make sure your garments fit you correctly or else you'll look sloppy or outdated.



What piece should every man have in his closet?

A clean cut navy suit. Navy is a very versatile color that you can wear from work to weddings to dinner parties and events. It's also a very timeless piece to keep in your closet.


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