Stately Vs. StitchFix

Tired of shopping for hours on end but still can't decide what to buy? Late to work mostly because you are indecisive about what to wear? Well, don't worry because this is exactly why Stately was created, to help you with all your styling needs.

Of course, there are other competitors in the market too that make men's monthly clothing box and one of them is StichFix. However, let’s compare these two brands and then you can decide for yourself the men’s style box you would want to choose!

Stately Vs. StitchFix

Many features set these two apart. However, here are a few major features that will help you with your decision to choose the best men’s clothing subscription.

Premium Brands 

Let’s not forget the quality that premium menswear brands provide. Their clothing is durable, stylish, and the quality is impeccable. Stately provides just this, in your clothing box you will receive brands such as:

  • Nick Graham
  • Calvin Klein
  • Perry Ellis
  • Kenneth Cole
  • Ben Sherman
  • Levi’s

And many more that will make you look effortlessly stylish. Compared to these brands, StichFix doesn't provide premium menswear brands in their clothing box. Instead, their men's style box has day to day brands but not premium. 


Of course, this is a big factor when it comes to deciding. We all want to stay in our budget and look good without breaking the bank. This is why Stately’s men’s monthly clothing box starts at $99/package!

Meanwhile, StichFix starts its clothing box prices at $275/package. Such a price and no premium menswear brands either? Something to think about.

Styling Fees

Stately’s stylists will analyse your style and add things in the men's clothing box according to your preferences without any extra charge. All you have to do is send your style profile so they can choose the clothes that look great on you. You can also chat with them so they can learn more about your preferences and this doesn't cost extra. 

On the other hand, StichFix charges an additional styling fee which means that you will have to pay extra on top of the price of your men’s clothing box.

Try-on period

Stately provides a trial period of 5 days when you start their service. StichFix provides a trial period of 3 days.


At Stately, you can save 50% of your money as it provides prices that are off MSRP. This means you don’t have to break the bank while shopping with Stately and you get the best men’s clothing box.

StichFix doesn’t provide this and this is why their boxes are comparatively more expensive.

Final words

Stately is a premium service that provides the best men’s clothing box at prices that will blow your mind. Who knew that you could get premium brands at such a cost? Meanwhile, StichFix is also good but its pricing is high comparatively without any of the additional benefits that Stately provides.

Now, that you have all the facts make the decision and choose the best men’s clothing subscription now!