Summer Travel Essentials


As we dive into the summer season, we also dive into the season of travel! We know what you’re thinking—what are the best travel clothes for men? Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, a large part of preparing to travel is knowing what to pack in your suitcase. Overpacking can leave you with airline fees and a sore back, while underpacking will leave you unprepared and likely uncomfortable when you don't pack the right attire.

To help you find the sweet spot, here is what we recommend as the ultimate travel clothing for men and travel accessories for men. 

A Capsule Wardrobe

The key to a wardrobe you can travel with is to curate a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe has fewer, carefully selected clothing items and accessories that are interchangeable and can create multiple different outfits. A capsule wardrobe makes the best travel clothes for men because you can create multiple looks without the additional weight and space extra clothing and accessories would take up. 

Having a traveling capsule wardrobe can also have additional benefits, such as saving you from decision fatigue. Rather than buying clothing that you will need to replace each season, pick a few quality luxury items that will be durable enough to endure all of your traveling. 

Lightweight Tees

Having some classic lightweight tees as part of your travel capsule wardrobe is a must. Not only do they lighten your luggage, but their casual look is perfect for both the days you're traveling and the days you're sightseeing. They prove to be very versatile as well; you can dress them down with some joggers and tennis shoes or dress them up with a blazer and jeans. 

Variety of Pants

Having five different pairs of slacks is a waste of valuable suitcase space and will leave you with regret on a long travel day or when you just want to lounge. Packing a variety of clothing, instead of several versions of the same kind of clothing, will free up suitcase real estate while still maximizing the number of outfits you can wear on your trip. Try having at least one pair of joggers for traveling or lounging, one pair of slacks for nicer events, and a pair of jeans or shorts for sightseeing.




Packing layers allows you to prepare for any weather changes. Packing a good cardigan or sweater to pair with a button-down or one of your lightweight tees helps you prepare for those temperature changes and allows you to effortlessly change up your looks from business to casual and vice versa. Layering while traveling is especially important as airplanes can get stiflingly hot or extremely chilly. 

Durable Shoes

Having durable shoes is one of the most important travel accessories for men. The exact type of shoes you need depends on your type of travel, but it’s usually safe to bring a pair of more casual tennis shoes or sneakers for a lot of foot travel, and then a dressier pair for any dinners, events, or formal locations you travel to. When packing your dressier shoes, don’t forget to coordinate your belt! 

Wrinkle-Free Packing

What’s the use in packing great clothes if they end up wrinkled when you arrive at your destination? When folding your clothes, fold along natural seams and creases, smooth out any wrinkles, and then roll your clothes tightly to avoid any additional creases. If you’re still worried about creasing, you can also pack a travel steamer to quickly smooth out any unwanted wrinkles once you get to your hotel. If you don’t have room for a steamer, you can also hang your clothes up in your bathroom as your shower and let the hot steam naturally loosen any wrinkles or purchase wrinkle release spray from the drug store.



Travel With the Best Travel Clothes for Men from Stately

Don’t let your clothing give you headaches on your summer travels. Pack a carefully curated selection of travel clothes for men to maximize the number of outfits without all the weight. 

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