The Key to Styling Your Sweaters

With the winter season quickly approaching, this can only mean one thing: Sweater Weather!

Never underestimate the power of winter sweaters, as they are far more versatile than people think. From casual settings such as the outdoors and travel, to more formal office attire or on a date night, a sweater can really sophisticate any outfit and elevate your look for any occasion.

To help you choose the right sweater, here are some of our favorite staples for Fall/Winter and how to style them:


1. The Crewneck 

The classic crewneck is anything but ordinary as it has so much to offer when it comes to winter sweater styling options. Style your crewneck over a basic tee, or collared shirt and match with a pair of jeans and sneakers to make this a clean cut look. Add a statement jacket on top to wear with your crewneck sweater for a smart outfit on a casual day.

Medium wash denim, navy crew neck sweater,  white tee, white sneakers, beige braided belt, black leather strap watch, blue striped socks


    2. The V Neck 

    The V Neck sweater is such an amazing staple for men when it comes to a more formal day. Layer the v neck over a patterned collared shirt and tie. You can even add a blazer to really pull together a sophisticated appearance. Adding a dress shoe or boot is perfect for a day at the office or a classy date night. When choosing a color for your winter V Neck sweater, start with navy, gray, brown, or dark green sweaters to accentuate pops of pattern underneath!

    Navy plaid suit, charcoal v neck sweater,  light blue dress shirt, black leather monk strap dress  shoes, black leather belt, black steel watch


      3. The Quarter Zip 

      To switch up your sweater game, the fashionable quarter zip sweater adds a fun flair as opposed to a regular pullover sweater style. Layer over a flannel shirt and pair of colored chinos with oxford shoes to sharpen a day to night look. Or, pair it with a button-down, slacks, and leather footwear to create a great business casual outfit that portrays a comfortable yet professional look.

      Burgundy denim, gray quarter zip sweater, caramel flannel, brown suede dress shoes, brown/brown reversible belt, red and brown argyle socks


        4. The Cardigan

        The cardigan is an easy layering piece if you want to be cozy, but still professional with your sweater outfit. You can choose between button and zipper hastings, allowing you to showcase what is underneath when styling outfits with cardigans. This way you can focus the outfit more on the top and spotlight colors and patterns. It’s a versatile and stylish item that can be easy to remove and still remain chic. Wear over a t-shirt and jeans for a casual look, or half up with a shirt and tie for a more polished approach.

        Brown wool pants, beige mock neck full zip sweater, green flannel, dark brown wingtip oxford dress shoes, brown leather belt, brown leather strap watch, green argyle socks


          5. The Cable Knit Sweater

          The cable knit sweater for men is usually made of a heavier fabric than most. Layering with cable knits can be tricky as you don’t want to come off too bulky. To prevent this, stick to slimmer jeans or pants and if wearing an undershirt, make sure it’s a thin, breathable material. Play with pops of color with this warm winter sweater and match with lighter colored chinos or slacks to draw attention to your top.

          Army green denim, chocolate crew neck sweater, dark brown leather boots, brown/black reversible belt, beige suede hat, green socks


            6. The Turtleneck 

            To switch up your sweater game, adding a men’s turtleneck (also known as a rollup collar sweater) into the mix is a great idea to add that extra level of sophistication when you don’t want to wear a shirt and tie. Match a neutral color turtleneck with a pair of trousers, or a black denim and sharpen the look with a sports coat or a sleek jacket to compliment the proportions of your winter outfit.

            Black denim, black and charcoal wool peacoat,  tan cashmere turtleneck, black leather oxford dress shoes, black leather belt, sunglasses


            Now that you have an idea of how much variety a sweater can have when it comes to building your stylish wardrobe, it’s always important to consider the different cuts, styles, textures, and colors when choosing your men’s sweater style. Solids and neutral colors are a great place to start—they offer the most versatility as they can be mixed and matched with endless pieces. Take some time to see which styles you prefer, and don’t forget to personalize your look with accessories to really showcase your sweater outfit  with your own unique style!


            Dottie Day
            Stately stylist, writer, and designer based in Los Angeles, CA