Winter Must-Haves

As the season's change, fashion follows suit, so it is important to be prepared both stylistically and practically. Below you will find a guide to the classic winter essentials of any well-rounded closet. Pieces revolve primarily around layering, while balancing warmth with comfort and style. By stacking pieces, you can tweak silhouettes to favor your figure and utilize fabric and color combinations to drive your look. 


SweatersSweaters are the staple of winter fashion, whether they’re festive, patterned, or traditional. When choosing a sweater, consider how you might layer it, as its combination with a polo or button-down  creates a cohesion between business and casual attire. The expanse of sweaters at your disposal is great, varying in silhouette and fabric. Of course, you can’t go wrong with a classic crewneck. A turtleneck is often overlooked, yet is a wildly effective piece. Not only is it cozy, but its sophisticated silhouette accents your figure and features. A cardigan binds the pieces in your look as opposed to covering them. The v-cut collar is flattering as it makes the torso appear longer. Fabric is a key component. For instance, consider the rustic feel of a patterned knitted wool sweater, compared to the professional capacity of a form-fitting cashmere crewneck. Close up or a man wearing a white ribbed crewneck sweater


Outerwear is at the core of winter fashion, as they are interchangeable pieces that are paired with every look. Choosing a quality jacket is a must: you need one that will last you and will never go out of style. The variety to choose from is exhausting, and yet provides you with ample styles to match your preference. The severity of the weather can drastically affect what you may wear, as a particular silhouette and fabric could be too warm, or not enough. It’s important to focus on classic options suitable for most settings. For example, the timeless leather jacket has many variations – some lined with fleece, others in bomber jacket silhouettes, or adorned with zippers. It can be a bold choice, yet a rewarding one. Likewise, a trenchcoat is a classic piece, one that has swayed in and out of trends. Its unique silhouette draws a look together and complements both casual and formal attire. If opting for a more professional look, you don’t need to diverge far from your typical style; wool or flannel blazers preserve a smart, yet snug look.

A flat lay of a cream and brown plaid scarf


Of all the seasons, practicality is most bound to style in winter, so accessorizing becomes an essential component of an effective outfit. Scarves are an excellent way to elevate your look through various fabrics, patterns, and textures. Wool and knits are more keen to harsher weather, while fleece is a lighter weight option.  A scarf can be manipulated in so many ways; it can be knotted, wrapped, or twisted to one’s liking, adding depth to the structure of your outfit. Gloves can be a symbol of elegance and another way to enrich your appearance. Just like the turtleneck, gloves accent your features and draw attention to your face due to the absence of visible skin.

A pair of slim fit  dark denim

Dark Denim

Your choice of bottoms should come down to their warmth, so fabrics like corduroy or wool are trendy trouser options that only exist in this season. Likewise, denim is a fitting choice as it comes in various densities, while also being a versatile choice to set a foundation for countless casual and formal looks. Color becomes the differentiator from cold to warm weather fashion– as for the winter season, darker neutral themes are preferred. This creates the perfect canvas for crisp whites and bold patterns.

Man in navy flannel, white henley, and medium wash denim


Flannels are the perfect approach to a casual look. They come in a variety of colorways, from monochromatic to multicolored, meaning a color-coordinating outfit can be easily shaped around the piece. You can choose a thin twill fabric or thicker, sherpa lined, depending on your climate and needs. Pair them with a simple long sleeve t-shirt, dark jeans, and sneakers to create a simple, yet stylish look. Layer it over  a hoodie for a fresh take. To avoid that dreaded lumberjack reference, try to choose neutral or subtle colors to match your flannel, as opposed to a dark contrast.





Elliot Russ
Stately stylist, writer, and designer based in Los Angeles, CA