Work From Home Style

Man sitting on a couch in a navy suit and white dress shirt, underwear and dress socks.


In the post-pandemic world, the work-from-home (WFH) style has become a pressing matter for many. Maintaining a smart, presentable look from the comfort of your home is a struggle. With remote work, morning commutes are traded in for last-minute alarms and an office cubicle is replaced by a couch. It seems a compulsion to just throw on your most comfortable items and call it a day. For most, however, wearing a basic tee to a virtual meeting will reflect a lack of care and attention. That’s where we come in. This WFH style guide will help you appear presentable, yet keep you feeling uninhibited in stylish and comfortable work from home clothes.


A classic form-fitting cotton black polo.


Formal Clothing

The most simple answer to WFH styling is a basic, solid-colored long-sleeve shirt and jeans or lounge pants. It’s a reasonable choice, but one that doesn’t explore the potential available to you. What you mostly have to worry about is what is visible to the camera, so focus to accent every visible component. Patterns such as houndstooth or gingham will instantly separate you from your peers and reflect a touch of care. Something to consider is the fabric that you wear for your work from home clothes. Cotton, polyester, denim, and silk, allow you to look your best and feel as such. A polo is the most optimal shirt choice for WFH clothes, as it is light and mobile, while still being perfectly befitting of a professional setting. The obvious response to what to wear as the bottom half of WFH style is: anything. However, fight that urge and opt for a light pair of trousers, for the off chance that you stand…


A man wearing a black wool cardigan, accenting a light-blue dress shirt.



An efficient way to add depth to a look is by layering, as you can punctuate contrast, color combinations, and silhouettes. For the larger part of men’s fashion history, it has been synonymous with formal wear, from suits to vests. Though we don’t often consciously make those connections, layering with a sweater mimics that notion, making it a core feature for the best work from home clothes. For instance, throw on a black knitted cardigan over a white button-down. The contrast will draw sharp lines in the layers, and add a distinct pop of color to your shirt. In colder weather, this addition to your WFH style will retain a sense of comfort through its cozy nature, even during work hours.


Grey sweatpants and hoodie combo against a white background.


Athleisure Wear

Work dress codes have relaxed greatly over time. Unlike even a decade ago, wearing a hoodie to your job might not even get a second glance from coworkers. If you have an easygoing work environment or are working from home, a hoodie made with finer fabrics like cashmere or wool will do the trick for attaining a sensible look. When you need to make presentable appearances on camera with professional work from home clothes, simply put a blazer over any neutral top. Typically, one wouldn’t worry about what is worn below the webcam's sight, so those sweatpants you always wished you could wear 24/7 are now the supreme choice. Sweatpants used to be a universal sign of laziness, but through the merge between streetwear and high fashion, athleisure wear has become an accepted subgenre of menswear. So go for it, do as you please, and choose that craved hoodie and sweatpants combo for comfy work from home clothes.


Stacy Adams black Del Moc toe loafers


Footwear & Accessories

The least important component of a WFH look is footwear, as nobody is lacing uptight dress shoes just to tread in your own home. Of course wear anything you like, but if you expect to be drifting between your home and the office, there are more elevated options that still prioritize comfort. The most accommodating option for a comfy work from home style is loafers. They vary in look and fabric, complementing a formal or casual look. Some are even lined with fleece, an ideal choice for the season. They border on slippers, but are polished enough to wear out. Finally, accent any WFH style by accessorizing. If you are trying to maximize your style over a webcam, use a necklace, watch, or ring. It will instantly present you as a well-kempt man who cares for his appearance and job. 




Elliot Russ
Stately stylist, writer, and designer based in Los Angeles, CA