10 Summer Essentials Every Man Needs

Just as soon as you thought you had finally caught up on fashion, and got a grasp on your personal style, summer comes along and strips you of all those layers you had found comfort in. You’re forced to negotiate with the heat, and yet somehow retain a sense of style. Every man copes with these worrying times differently, some opt for the easy way out, rocking shorts and tees till the sun comes down. But we at Stately are fixed on making sure our men remain dashing no matter what. To achieve this, we have selected 10 summer essentials which may be mixed and matched with ease - tying relaxation, recreation, and comfort into every look.


I know what you’re thinking… suits? In the summer? Yes. Although you must tread carefully in the heat, a light, playful summer suit will assure that you remain the striking man you are. There are ways to make your way around the heat, for instance, take your blazer off, and wield it as an accessory over your shoulder. Then unbutton the first few buttons off the top, roll up your sleeves, and watch as you embody that 007 look we all crave. Once cooler, throw your blazer back on, and witness how these tweaks keep you looking sharp, regardless of setting. Opting for fabrics suchs as linen and seersucker can add a unique touch to the look, keeping you classy, yet comfortable all season. We now offer complete men's summer suits on our Out of the Box store, where you can take your pick from an array of striking looks. Want the Look?
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Sunglasses are a perfect way to signify that you are ready for summer. The right summer shades will elevate your look in an instant. They can lighten a formal outfit, or accent a casual one, making them a classic go-to accessory. A good pair of mens summer sunglasses will take you a long way, as they are simply practical, and will give your outfit a polished James Bond finish.Want the look?
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A man in a well fitted polo is sure to feel confident. An essential in any man's closet, the polo is appropriate for both a casual and formal look. It's a perfect choice for summer, thanks to the breathable cut with our range of different men's polo shirt sizes. The collar can be adjusted to your liking too, in order to elevate the style from day to night. Make your polo stand out through contrast. A white polo men’s shirt worn with bold shoes, or bottoms will help to add dimension to your look.

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Linen Shirts

Summer comes with its fair amount of challenges, particularly in terms of formal styling. Many find difficulty with wearing long sleeve shirts in the heat, as they often cause discomfort, and unwanted stains of sweat. These worries are remedied by linen shirts for men, made of a light, breathable material that can provide a formal look that's summer friendly. Pair the shirt with a neutral base, for instance, a pair of khaki pants. Buy linen shirts online here and play with the details, rolling up your sleeves or unbuttoning for a more relaxed feel.

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Patterned Short Sleeve Button Down

Otherwise known as the Hawaiian shirt, their bright colors and eye-catching patterns embody the light and fun nature of the season. There are those who are hesitant to wear such a bold item. Then there are those that push their stylistic boundaries, and find that the Hawaiian shirt patterns deliver looks that are amongst some of the finest they’ve worn. No matter the occasion, when paired with a neutral colored pair of bottoms, your tactical Hawaiian shirt can be fitting for a night out, a vacation, or even just for a casual outing.

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Light Wash Denim

You cannot make a list of essentials without mentioning the most reliable article of clothing there is: denim jeans for men. Although you may be weary of the heat, a light washed pair of jeans will set the canvas for a bold summer look. The neutrality it provides as a base complements any top, both of a lighter tone and of a darker contrast. Pair the denim summer jeans with a white top and matching white shoes, as the hint of blue completes the look.

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Nothing screams comfort like a slip-on. It is the summer after all, so why not honor that notion in style through a pair of loafers? Many regard this shoe to be isolated to the older generation, but not us! You must recognize that the carefree, breathable silhouette of the shoe, which is often paired with a sharp leather finish, creates what is essentially… summer's perfect match. Wear them with just about any look and witness how seamlessly your outfit is made whole. For instance, pair a dark brown leather loafer with navy shorts, and a white linen shirt for a practical, stylish summer look! The shoe is made even more valuable through its ability to compliment formal and casual looks. Make sure you grab your pair of men’s casual summer loafers before the season’s over!

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A perfectly fitted pair of lightweight chinos for summer is the starting point for a dashing look. Mistakenly, many assume the chino is formal attire. On the contrary, they are equally as effective in casual looks, which makes it of crucial value to a summer wardrobe. Like denim, the chinos mens pants may provide the perfect foundation to build your look, complimenting just about any shoe or top. To achieve a cross between casual and formal, pair a khaki chino with a darker toned polo, or short sleeved button up. Round off the look with a leather shoe of your choice, such as the previously mentioned loafer.

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There is little that needs to be said about what is the essence of summer: shorts. They complete any summer outfit. Uniquely, shorts allow you to show off your shoes and support numerous styles such as flip flops, slides, or sneakers. Incorporate patterns and color into your look by pairing your pick from our mens summer shorts sale with solids for a polished, yet trendy style. For a more elevated look, style a button-down with a pair of chino shorts and loafers. For a classic look, opt for casual shorts, a tee, and sneakers.

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Elliot Russ
Stately stylist, writer, and designer based in Los Angeles, CA