A Guide to Accessories

Accessorizing is a staple of men’s fashion. The right accessory instantly transforms any outfit, boosting your confidence and allowing you to showcase your personality. They are the gateway to finding your signature style and the ticket to uniqueness. Whether you’re a minimalist or want an eye-catching look, this is a guide on how to best utilize men’s fashion accessories.


Sunglasses are a key accessory, especially during summer. The ideal pair will not only complement your outfit but your facial features too. A square or rectangular shape is fitting for a rounder face as it will add more structure to your face. A round pair of mens sunglasses will balance out square features by highlighting your cheekbones. A trick to finding your frame is to see at least half of your eyebrows above the frames and have your eyes in the middle of each lens. Coordinate the color of the lens or frame to another in your look, such as a brown tinted pair of summer shades for men with a brown leather belt.


The watch is the most iconic of men's accessories. Taking your quality pick from mens fashion watches on sale can serve you through many years, sharpening your presentation and adding sophistication. A watch is both functional and stylish. The beauty of the watch is in its versatility as it may be worn with any outfit. The metal or leather band on mens affordable watch brands accent a formal look. Conventionally, long sleeves should cover about ⅔ of the watch when your arm is extended downwards. Wear a canvas watch with jeans and tees. Smaller wrists should keep to thin bands so as to not overwhelm the wearer. Further refinement by matching the band to your belt and shoes.


Hats can be a controversial trend. They go in and out of style and can be the most difficult to decipher. If you think you’re not a hat person, you just haven’t met the one for you. Use them as a tool to protect yourself from the sun and other elements or as a quick cover up for a bad hair day. Better yet, you can adorn your head with something attention grabbing and . Ball caps aren’t just for going to the game, they are an effortless way to make a business outfit more casual. Accentuate a suit with a fedora. If you’re feeling especially trendy, go with a bucket hat. You can explore with fabrics ranging from cotton to suede to canvas. Something to consider is the silhouette of the hat, and how it may fit your head shape, and face, a difficult task that is mostly guided by trial and error.


Every man needs a proper belt. If you’re going to use any accessory, they should be it. Mens’ fashion belts are essential to the polished look that gents crave. They are an effortless addition as they can serve as distinct points of color coordination or contrast by matching them to other accessories. Every shoe needs a corresponding belt. Shades of brown accent lighter or warmer colors. Opt for a black belt for darker, cooler schemes. Use a bold belt to bring life to a monochrome scheme. They come in different widths and in a variety of designs, varying from leather to braided, from small buckles to exaggerated ones. As long as you’re not wearing a black belt with brown shoes, it’ll be a stylish success.


Neckwear is the finishing touch of any formal wear. With endless styles and colors, choosing a tie can be a headache. Luckily, there’s no wrong way to wear a tie. Just like shoes, you need your go-to tie. Keep staples like black, navy, and gray in your closet so you’re equipped for anything. Pair solid shirts with neutral ties for a classic look. Balance bold tops with solid ties. Vibrant or patterned ties create a flattering contrast to a neutral top. If you’re a conservative dresser, ties are a great start to get out of your comfort zone. Neckwear isn’t always formal. Silk ties go best with suits, but you can also wear linen or cotton fabrics to elevate a casual button-down. If a tie is too conventional for you, try a bowtie, or even an ascot if you’re feeling especially sophisticated. And for those of you who can’t tie a tie, there’s no shame in clip-ons.

Elliot Russ
Stately stylist, writer, and designer based in Los Angeles, CA