4 Reasons Why You Should Start Getting Your Clothes Delivered

With just a few swipes and clicks, you can do almost anything on your phone—from going on your first date with the future love of your life to shopping for fire outfits online. Gone are the days of needing to travel to brick-and-mortar stores to get what you need. Business Insider analysts predict that 40,000 to 50,000 retail stores will close down in the next four years because online shopping has become so popular. Still spending time and energy going into stores? Here are the top four reasons why you should start getting your clothes delivered. 



1: Worthy Savings

Shopping online can prevent impulse purchases. Have you ever seen the memes about women who go to Target for strawberries and leave with $250 worth of home decor, snacks, mugs, and who knows what else? Getting clothes delivered to you reduces unnecessary spending on clothes you wouldn’t have bought if you didn’t see them in the window display or the clearance rack.  

What is a retail markup? Retail shops will buy products and then markup the price to make a profit. Online subscription clothing boxes online like Stately can buy large quantities of apparel from their clothing brand partners. This allows Stately to cut out the middleman and pass the savings on to you. Online stores offer a lot of deals like free shipping, free exchanges, or an online promotional code for extra savings.


2: Comfortably Convenient 

Skip getting dressed to be around the crowds at a mall. Shop from the comfort of wherever you are. Long lines that snake around the cash register? No thanks. Time is valuable. It doesn’t get any more convenient than getting clothes delivered right to your doorstep. Make purchases at any time of the day without worrying about closing hours. And just think of how much you’ll save on gas. 

Stately subscription clothing boxes for men go one step further to make shopping convenient by assigning you a personal stylist. No more awkwardly answering the employees in the store that you’re “just looking” and assuring them you don’t need help—when you really do. Our personal stylists review your style after a quick quiz and help curate the right outfits for you without any extra or hidden fees. 

Have an event coming up and don’t know where to start? We take all the guesswork out of directionless shopping. Try a personally-curated clothing box with tops, bottoms, footwear, and accessories from leading menswear brands delivered right to you. 

3: Enhanced Selection 

Nothing is more disappointing when you’re shopping than when you come across something you love, only to realize that the very last piece is not in your size and there’s no stock in the back. The beauty of shopping online is the luxury of being able to have access to a store’s entire inventory with no  surprises.



4: Peer Reviewed 

In 2023, we won't buy anything unless it has great ratings and reviews. If it worked for others, the likelihood of it working out for us is exponentially higher. When you’re shopping at the mall, it’s hard to know if other people that bought the same thing regret or love their purchase. When you see real men and women enjoying the clothes delivered to them, their influence calms any nerves or concerns about buying your new clothes. See why so many men have loved their clothing subscription box from Stately. 

Start Getting Your Clothes Delivered—Start with Stately 

 As a premier clothing subscription service, Stately offers a variety of plans and shipping frequencies that best suit your needs and budget. Take our style quiz, let your stylist get to work personalizing your outfits, get them delivered to you, try them on, and exchange what you need for free. If you are a modern man who enjoys savings, convenience, selection, and trusted style, get ready to change the way you shop with Stately.







Sebastian O'Hara
Writer based in Los Angeles, CA