Summer Essentials Every Man Needs in His Closet


When it comes to menswear, summer is all about keeping it casual, comfortable, and cool. The key to nailing the perfect summer look is to invest in a few pieces that can be mixed and matched to create a variety of different looks. So, what are the men's summer fashion essentials that every man should have in his wardrobe this season? Here’s a quick guide!



Printed Shirts

Summer is an excellent time to try out different shirt styles. Experiment with relaxed or modern-fitting short-sleeved options in lightweight fabrics for a comfortable and fashionable look. You can find pieces with playful prints like polka dots, tropical prints, or subtle jacquards, or classic patterns like stripes or plaids and pair them with neutral solid bottoms so the tops can have the spotlight. Utilize the season to explore your fashion choices and create fun outfit combinations and to step out of your comfort zone! A great selection of shirts in varied patterns and fabrics can help you develop your own unique style, showcasing your effortless confidence!



Variety of Shorts 

For summer styling, shorts offer a versatile look and work with a variety of ensembles. The best fit for shorts depends on individual preference; however, I recommend keeping them 1–3 inches above the knee to avoid distorting your frame and creating an impression of shorter stature. Patterns that contrast solid tops are one way to create interesting looks, while classic colors like navy, beige, blue, or white allow for easy mix-and-match options throughout the season. Keep a mixed collection to keep you covered all season.



Summer Shoes

This summer, your footwear should be both comfortable and stylish. Loafers, casual derbies, slip-ons, and low-top sneakers in neutral tones create a sharp look for any occasion, from work to a wedding or outings with friends and family. For maximum breathability on hot days, opt for knit or canvas materials. For more casual days, try sandals instead of flip-flops to add detail and depth to your outfit. Choose sandals with single straps, double straps, or buckles to make the look complete.



Lightweight Chinos

Chinos are a must-have item for every man’s wardrobe. They are stylish, comfortable, and versatile enough to fit in almost any look—from casual to more dressy occasions. Moreover, they are made of lightweight cotton which makes them perfect for the summer season and easy to style in a variety of ways. Classic colors such as navy and gray are closet staples; however, it's worth exploring brighter tones like light blue, salmon, or green for a fun twist on the classic style.



The Right Accessories 

Accessorizing for summer is fun, essential, and can take your whole look to the next level! “Right” may sound subjective, but there is a key. Sunglasses are a staple when it comes to protecting your eyes from the sun's rays high in the sky during the blazing months. Baseball caps, bucket hats, and fedoras are great accessories for the season. Each accommodating various fashion styles, baseball caps are casual and cool, while the fedora adds an elevated element to your look. Watches come down to personal preference, but for the warmer months I suggest a metal band watch and for nights go for a black or brown leather strap. To add extra style, stack on one or two bracelets. 


With the base of these summer staples, you can effortlessly create an array of outfits to keep you looking stylish all season. Factor in lightweight fabrics and soft to bold colors and you have the perfect wardrobe for any occasion. If you want these Summer essentials in your next package, let your stylist know by uploading inspirational photos or giving feedback on your profile!






Miles Thorne
Stylist and designer based in Los Angeles, CA