5 Unmissable Fashion Trends 2024

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With the end of 2023 comes a fresh batch of men’s clothing styles. There is no better way to start the year than by focusing on upcoming 2024 fashion trends and deciding how to incorporate them effortlessly into your appearance. Impress your family and friends by refreshing your style and leveling up your fashion game.  

Uncover five key men’s fashion 2024 trends on the horizon and how best to include them in your closet.

Balancing Basics with 2024 Fashion Trends

Keeping up with the latest men’s clothing styles on an annual basis may seem like a fruitless endeavor. Yet, while there are several new 2024 fashion trends emerging, trying to incorporate every single trend is a losing battle. Instead, find one to three trends that speak most to your current style and incorporate them with your trusted basics for maximum effect with minimal stress.

Top 5 Men’s Fashion 2024 trends



Men’s light gray wool suit



1. Get in Touch with Textures 

There is no denying the move toward textures in recent men’s clothing styles. Embracing a blend of textures, from full-body fabrics like wool, tweed, or suede to tasteful details like embroidery or ribbing, will continue to be seen in men’s street and formal wear. This year is the ideal time to begin exploring different weaves. Try branching out with easy staples like sweaters and pants and find which fabrics work best for you. 


White, black, and light-wash jeans (fashion trends 2024) stacked on top of each other


2. Denim is Back!

While denim has fallen by the wayside in popularity over the past few years in lieu of other pant and jacket options, men’s fashion 2024 trends all point back to a resurgence of denim. Though the Canadian tuxedo is coming back, all men can’t be that adventurous, so investing in a quality denim jacket, button-down, or pair of jeans will be an excellent choice as the weather warms for Spring. 

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Men’s pants in different vibrant colors


3. Embrace the Vibrant

While winter often leans to neutrals and spring to pastels, men’s fashion 2024 is all about colors! Add to your trusty neutral basics with fun patterns and bright colors as a way to show off your personality. For more conservative dressers, try mixing in colors through smaller accessories like socks and ties to start. You can even introduce color into a minimal print for balance.


4. Go Bold with Accessories

Speaking of accessories, this new year is also emphasizing those additional pieces outside of shirts and pants. While more and more men are building out quality, long-lasting basics, accessories are the way to add seasonal or trendy flair to an outfit. For this trend, think of different shoe styles, new watches, jewelry or even adding headwear to top off your look. If accessory shopping isn’t in your wheelhouse, don’t stress! Stately includes accessories in our boxes as well.


5. Loosen Up the Fit

After years of shifting toward slim and athletic-fit suits, relaxed suits and formal wear are starting to make a return. 2024 is a great time to invest in a new suit jacket or formal pants. Switching up the tailoring to a more classic, relaxed fit not only embraces the new trend, but also creates a few different fit options to choose from within your closet.


Clothing rack with a textured blazer, printed bold color tops, and shorts


Shopping Fashion Trends 2024

Keeping up with men’s clothing styles does not need to be difficult at any point in the year. Let Stately do the heavy lifting by matching your personal style to the trends that will complement your taste. Take our quiz to discover your style preferences and begin receiving styled clothes straight to your doorstep every month.Take the quiz now!






Sebastian O’Hara
Writer based in Los Angeles, CA