2024 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Stylish Men

A wardrobe update of men’s flannel and jacket and accessories

A new year is the perfect time to take a break from work, spend some much-needed hours with friends and family, and reset your outlook for the upcoming months. Of course, using the end of the year to think over some New Year’s resolution ideas and incorporating new goals into the weeks ahead is a great way to show progress in the new year. 

An often-overlooked area for men to set goals that show off immediate results is fashion and style. Whether you’re considering a full wardrobe update or a few minor changes that will exhibit a big difference, uncover New Year’s resolutions for 2024 that can improve your look from head to toe.

New Year’s Resolutions 2024

2024 is the year for men to elevate their current style or embrace a new look entirely. Sound intimidating? New Year’s resolutions don't need to be complicated or hard to maintain. Try out one suggested goal below, or mix and match multiple ideas to achieve your ideal results.

Male model showing off a wardrobe update with two different patterned vests

Wardrobe Update: Find the Style that Fits You

For men looking for a true overhaul and a fresh look, taking time in the new year to re-discover your authentic style will be well worth the effort. First, begin by examining what your ideal and preferred style is (not necessarily what is currently in your closet), then next evaluate what types of clothes you wear most on a weekly basis based on your lifestyle and work requirements. This will help you discover what your true style is and what clothing items to obtain in order to embrace it. 

For those feeling overwhelmed, we have you covered. Take our style quiz to find out what your look is and what types of clothes make you feel your best.

And don’t forget! Embracing a new (or simply improved) style does not mean an entire wardrobe update must be made in a week or even a month. Take your time finding the pieces you like and slowly swap old pieces out as you go.

Man walking in navy blue sweater

Upgrade Your Basics

Let’s face it: that polo you bought at a fast fashion store two years ago needs to go. A new year is the perfect time to clear out old, worn, threadbare, or low-quality basics and replace them with new and high-quality pieces that will last for more than one season. We understand, shopping basics is not the most thrilling, which is why we have made it easy at Stately by shipping a box full of curated essentials directly to your door, saving you time and money.

Explore Accessories

For men with quality basics covered, try elevating your appearance to the next level with thoughtful accessories. Finding your next sleek belt, experimenting with patterned socks, or testing out a new watch are all small but effective ways to show off your sense of fashion. For men with basic styling on lock, make it a goal to try one new accessory each month.

Men’s gray sneakers on a blue background

Step Up Your Shoe Game

New Year’s Resolutions 2024 means we are considering everything head to toe, especially shoes! While everyone loves their worn-in pair of tennis shoes, there are so many new footwear styles to try, both casual and dressy. At Stately, we know shoes are just as important to the overall look as the shirt or pants. We offer a variety of slip-on, loafer, boot, dress shoe, and sneaker styles to broaden your daily choices.

Taking Care of Quality

While this may be the least exciting option, it can have the longest-lasting effect on your closet. Now is the time to commit to maintaining and caring for quality pieces to ensure they last even longer. This can mean actions as simple as paying particular attention to recommended washing instructions, storing out-of-season clothes carefully, or keeping favorite pieces out of sunlight to avoid fading. 

Men’s wardrobe update laid out on a tan background

Making New Year’s Resolution Ideas Work for You

The list of possible style resolutions for a New Year wardrobe update is endless. However, the most important thing is finding the goal that speaks to you and feels exciting and attainable. There are several ways to upgrade your appearance, from basics to accessories. Choose one or a few and get started!

We at Stately are here to help make upgrading easier. Members receive a subscription box of high-quality wardrobe pieces right to their door every month. No styling fee or shipping costs required! Get started with our styling quiz today.




Sebastian O’Hara
Writer based in Los Angeles, CA