Be a Dad Without Dressing Like One



Whether you have little ones, teens, or you’re an empty nester, being a parent doesn’t mean you have to neglect your personal style. Quick and easy, a go-to outfit would be a t-shirt, jeans, and a hat. If you’re thinking “this is totally me!”—this article is for you. I know what you’re thinking, as a dad you don’t have the time to shop or develop the style you desire because you have work and family. I get it, but that’s why Stately is here to eliminate the shopping time and provide you with new trends to rediscover your likes and dislikes for clothes. Not to mention that style and comfort can coexist, so you never have to give up one in exchange for another. Non-negotiable. You deserve to feel comfortable and sharp as you please, dad or not. Fatherhood is part of your identity, but not solely who you are. Fashion is about expression, so express yourself!



Since clothes most certainly reveal a lasting first impression, it should speak for who you are. In that sense, your go-to outfit is automatically very telling. Go for a sophisticated look. Instead of the graphic tee, opt for a chambray button-down or a henley. Still being Winter time, take advantage of layering while you can. A zip-up hoodie is fine but let’s step it up: wear a canvas or bomber jacket. Ditch the hat, or at least the ball cap you wear frequently. Choose a fedora or another chic option you may have laying around. What did one hat say to the other? "Stay here! I'm going on ahead.” Ha! I can assume your jeans aren’t as form fitting or new as they once were. We’re not going with the jenko jeans. Staying up to date with men’s fashion, go with a modern style of pants. Chinos or twill pants are a better selection. As for shoes, let the Nike trainers be and grab Chelsea boots instead. Following this set-up, you have a uniform perfect for day to night activities. You can take your family out and even attend a night out with friends later in the day with a multifacet appearance. 



As a parent, your fashion isn’t on the forefront of your mind but you know immediately what you refuse to put on. Dare I even say it … the most avoided color for all … white clothes. Especially for fathers of young children, white isn’t even an option. Understandable at most. You have a white button-down and your son decides now is a good time to give you a big hug after playing in the backyard with his siblings. Now you have a button-down with an all-over print of small, dirt-stained hands. While that’s very avant garde, it’s rather unappealing so let’s avoid it altogether. However, there are ways for you to incorporate the color without feeling like you now have something else you can’t wear, further limiting your wardrobe. Kiddos shouldn’t stop you from wearing what you want. In a case like that, include it as part of a layered look with a pop of white at the collar and wrists. You can also choose patterned white button-downs. Did your daughter smudge your shirt with a red marker or is that part of the pattern? The world may never know. 



The polo shirt has become a part of the universal dad costume since forever. Truly the ease of a simple polo is what fathers love most. You get the comfort aspect and it’s presentable enough for work, your son’s soccer game, and a night out with your wife. While this is a safe staple, ways in which you pair this is what differentiates who you are … from just a dad. Don’t tuck the polo in with the khaki shorts and trainers. Instead uplift the polo look with chinos, a nice Buffalo knit sweater, and Kenneth Cole sneakers. Try different combinations of outfits to broadcast your image in a fashion forward way, not the dad fit.





Kayla Washington
Stately stylist, writer, and designer based in Los Angeles, CA