How to Style Colored Pants

Man wearing blue pants, man wearing green pants, man wearing purple pants, man wearing brown pants.


It’s easy to get comfortable in a neutral palette, always gravitating towards blacks, whites, grays, browns, and blues. Bottoms are the biggest culprit. When considering your outfit, one rarely gravitates towards grabbing a colorful pair of pants as the focal point. However, if done correctly, rocking a pair of vibrant trousers does not have to be an intimidating experience! This season, set yourself apart from the khaki crowd and feel more confident with exploring pops of color in your wardrobe. Here I’m going to teach you how to style different colored pants to suit any occasion. 

First off, balance is key. When selecting your bottoms, remember that because they are the focus, the rest of your look should be toned down. That way, the outfit won’t be overpowering or come off as too much. Starting with basic colors for your tops in the blue, black, or beige range will offset the brightness of your pants. Just be sure your clothing pieces fit well, and the rest will fall into place.

Now let’s highlight some of our favorite colors for winter, and how to wear them.

Vintage Indigo

Blue is an elegant and effortless color that is always pleasing to the eye. Indigo is a richer alternative, with subtle purple hues that make it unique. Since they’re the most understated of the bunch, it's the perfect place to start when exploring different shades. Play it safe with a white button down or explore complementary colors like purple or pink to transform a basic look into a dapper day to night piece.

Men wearing blue sweater, white collared shirt, blue pants, blue blazer, white sneakers, black loafers, belt and sunglasses.


Forest Night 

Forest and olive are wonderful colors to take your outfit above and beyond without going overboard. Green pants offer great versatility and look best with soft shades like white, beige, or gray on top. Avoid clashing colors like red or orange to maintain symmetry. Elevate the bottoms with a denim jacket for casual days or an overcoat to add sophistication to your business casual look.


Men wearing green pants, coat, sweater, sneakers, boots and loafers with belt.


Bronze Brown

A more saturated color that fits in between khaki and brown, bronze offers a bolder effect. Just pair with a more muted solid color—especially light blue and navy—on top and let the pants take the spotlight. When styling, try rolling up the cuff and adding a sweater or sport coat to easily make a dominant color look more cohesive. 

Men wearing brown pants, blue button down shirt, sweater and sneakers with belt.


Raspberry Fudge

Contrary to popular belief, vibrance is not limited to casual wear! This blend of red and purple has the potential of being part of many stylish looks, whether relaxed or professional. Stick to whites, grays, and blacks to even out the palette. Having fun with layers is another great way to showcase your color. Adding a light and dark contrast with a button down and sweater or blazer makes the ensemble appear very sharp and chic. 

Men wearing purple pants with striped shirt, sweater, blazer, boots, tie and sunglasses with briefcase.


Once you are comfortable with a couple of choice hues in your closet rotation, feel free to venture out with new colors every season and play with the endless varieties on how to wear them. When all else fails, a white shirt shirt matches with any trouser and adding a solid piece of outerwear on top will pull the entire look together. Just remember the general rule of keeping everything else subdued and you will feel confident in any color pant in no time!

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Dottie Day
Stately stylist, writer, and designer based in Los Angeles, CA