Fashionable Workwear for Different Professions

Man walking on a fall day in nice gray pants, sport coat, and burgundy sweater

The workplace isn’t what it used to be. Gone are the days when a suit and tie were the standard across business offices. While those workplaces and dress codes still exist, the line between business casual and business professional is becoming blurred with every passing generation and fashion trend. 

At Stately, we believe in providing men with fashionable attire regardless of the workplace dress code. So whether you work in a formal law office or are breaking new ground at a tech startup, we aim to help you look your best because no matter what the dress code is, you can always dress to impress. 

Business Professional

Example Industries: Law, Government, Finance

Though you’re seeing fewer and fewer men wearing a suit and tie to work, chances are they are not working in the fields listed above. Business professional dress codes still prevail in legal offices, on Wall Street, and at many different levels of government. But throwing on a poorly fit or worn suit isn’t going to do your career any favors. You need to look the part, both for your own confidence and the respect of your business peers.

At Stately, if you want the ultimate business box, you need the Presidential Plan, the only option that comes with a suit. We can help you go bold with your professional look if you really wish to make a statement at the office, or we can keep things traditional and conservative if that’s more appropriate for your work setting. 

The looks below work both with and without ties, depending on your line of work, but all are sure to have you feeling prepared to win the day. 

Businessman in a light gray suit against a white wall
Flat lay of a gray plaid suit, dress pants, and dress shoes 
A flat lay of a semi-formal red gingham suit jacket with tan slacks and brown dress shoes

Business Casual

Example Industries: Marketing, Tech, Local Government, Education

Admittedly, “business casual” is the largest gray area. It can mean so many different things to different people. For some, it’s a suit minus the tie; for others, it’s a pair of nice jeans with a button-up shirt, polo, or pullover sweater. Don’t be afraid to ask for specificity when presented with a “business casual” dress code at your workplace. Regardless of where your company falls on the “business casual” spectrum, we’ve got you covered. Our recommended looks will surely have your coworkers feeling the need to follow your lead.

Business casual ensemble with gray button-up shirt, khaki pants, and gray plaid sport coat
Man in a button-down layered under a sweater with a tie
Man leaning against a white sports car wearing a blue plaid blazer with a blue button-up shirt, navy pants, and brown hybrid dress shoes

Casual and Athleisure

Example Industries: Startups, Agencies, Tech

This is the new wave of business attire that is becoming more and more commonplace in offices and remote jobs across America. These office spaces are often open-floor spaces with modern aesthetics and young entrepreneurs leading the way. The “tech CEO” comes to mind when considering athleisure as work-appropriate attire. In some cases, these industry leaders have made billions while never putting on a suit, so who can blame them when they show up to work in sneakers, joggers, and a nice hoodie? But there’s a difference between showing up in your sweats or gym shorts and showing up on trend in clean, well-fit athleisure. Rest assured, Stately has your back. 

Check out some of our favorite casual ensembles below:

Man in a button-down, jacket, jeans, and leather sneakers
A flatlay of a button-down, sweater, chinos, and sneakers
Man wearing a polo, jeans, and athletic sneakers

Get Fashionable in the Workplace with Stately

We understand that finding the right clothes that match your workplace’s dress code can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to help. 

At Stately, we offer personal styling for modern men based on your own preferences. Whether you need new clothes for work, pleasure, or both, our team of professional stylists hand-pick items for you with our curated packages. 

Not only do we take the hassle of shopping out of the equation, but we help you save over 50% off retail prices with premium menswear brands you know and love. No stylist fees or hidden charges. Just curated packages sent right to your door. 

With our plans and pricing, we’re sure to have an option suitable for your needs and budget. 

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Sade Owens
Writer based in Los Angeles, CA