Men’s Summer Grooming Guide

With a new season of sunshine and heat rapidly approaching, now is a great time for men to switch up their grooming routine. By applying the right men’s grooming tips to your schedule, you can stay comfortable and confident all season. 

From summer hair care to specially tailored summer skincare tips, we will cover the best tricks for maintaining a sharp look for both business and play. Read on for our complete men’s grooming guide below.

1. Summer Hair Care Tips


Men’s Summer Hairstyles

The first step to summer haircare is choosing the right style. Though there are several men’s hairstyles for summer to pick from, not every cut is ideal for every person. Ask yourself these questions to choose the right summer men’s hairstyle for you:

  • How active will I be? For those looking to join a summer league, travel frequently, or get sandy at the beach, summer hairstyles for men that are short, easy to maintain, and will stay out of your face are ideal.

  • Am I willing to try something new? A new season is a perfect time to try out something different. When deciding on which cut to choose, ask yourself if you are ready to try a new direction or if you prefer your tried-and-true style. Keep in mind, a new style might mean an entirely new summer hair care routine to maintain the look.

  • Do I want dramatic or classic? Men’s hairstyles for summer can range from classic cuts like a crew cut or undercut to bold choices like faux hawks, fades, or growing a mane. With more vacations and pictures during this time of year, an eye-catching cut might be just the thing to make you stand out.

  • The Ideal Hair Grooming Routine

    Summer hair care tips start with a reliable grooming routine. First and foremost, with higher heat comes a higher likelihood of sweating and oil buildup. Be sure to wash your hair regularly. For those with longer hair, invest in a dry shampoo to spot-treat your scalp as needed. Additionally, adding a leave-in conditioner to your routine can also tame unruly hair and combat humidity.

    Next, experiment with styling products. Ensure your summer men’s hairstyle stays in place despite your daily activity with gel, pomade, or wax. Be wary of overusing products as they may lead to unnatural texture or an oily sheen.

    Finally, trim your hair regularly. It is easy to get distracted with work and vacations during the warm months. Maintain a 4-6 week hair appointment to keep your edges sharp and your ends from splitting.



    Protection & Proactivity

    As sun exposure increases dramatically during the summer, our number-one summer skincare tip is to proactively protect your skin.

    Just like your hair, you should regularly wash your face with a gentle facial cleanser. This can cut down acne and clogged pores, leaving your face fresh and smooth. Wash twice a day and don’t forget to moisturize. 

    If your skin burns, generously and regularly apply sunscreen, especially to your face, to avoid sunburns and skin damage. SPF between 30-80 is recommended. The key to youthful skin and minimal wrinkles is sunscreen and moisturizer!


    Best Summer Fragrances for Men

    While a good deodorant can go a long way in the heat, a new cologne is a great addition to your morning grooming routine. When searching for a new fragrance, keep the smell’s concentration in mind. Do not overspray! A small spray on your neck and wrists is all that’s needed. 

    The best summer fragrances for men tend to be lighter and less musky to match the season. When shopping, be on the lookout for options with woodsy, citrus, or vanilla notes.

    While it is difficult to narrow down the best summer fragrances for men, here are two of our favorite options: Defy by Calvin Klein or Mankind for Him by Kenneth Cole.

    3. Seasonal Men’s Grooming Tips


    Shop Your Look: Dressed For Success


    Suiting Up for Summer

    Our men’s grooming tips would not be complete without apparel guidance. Create a strong impression with family, friends, and employers this summer by investing in fashion-forward, sleek classics. A few carefully selected polos, shorts, and belts can elevate your look for years to come. Take the guesswork out of shopping for wardrobe staples by subscribing to a stylist-curated clothing box like Stately's.


    Your Perfect Color

    Just as important as what types of clothes you choose are what colors you add to your closet. Avoid the pitfall of having a closet featuring primarily a single color. Evaluate your eye, hair, and skin tone to find the colors that best harmonize with your complexion. You can find out what colors look best on you here. When in doubt, summer is the ideal time to introduce a few brighter colors to your selection.


    Preparing for the Heat


    Whether you are hitting the beach, traveling to new places, or relaxing in the sunshine, build your confidence for the summer by refreshing your grooming routine. Find your seasonal look by choosing from our summer hairstyles for men suggested above or testing out a Stately design box and make this summer memorable.






    Sebastian O'Hara
    Writer based in Los Angeles, CA