5 Ways to Instantly Spruce Up a Basic Men’s Wardrobe

If you’ve come to a place where you have all the essentials in your closet, you’re probably wondering where to go from there. You’ve got all the basics, the foundation of your wardrobe, but now it’s time to put a little of your own flair and personality into it. To help guide you to the next phase of your style journey, here are 5 easy ways to instantly spruce up a men’s wardrobe.


1. The easiest way to spice up an ordinary outfit is by adding accessories. Accessories such as watches, hats and sunglasses are great investments because they take little thought or effort but make the outfit look 10x better! Make sure your accessories match each other. Invest in a couple different colors and styles so that you can get into the habit of accessorizing everyday. These little details really elevate the whole look, especially if you’re buying high quality pieces that will last you a long time. 

2. Match your shoes to your belt. This will tie together your look and make it seem more cohesive and thought out. You might invest in shoes and belts in colors other than black or brown so that you can really play with color combinations. Choose from a variety of different colored belts through Shop Your Look or on our Out of the Box store!



3. That leads me to my next point, COLOR! Don’t be afraid to play with shades you normally stay away from. My favorite way to incorporate color into a look is with chinos. Safer outfits will always put a neutral on the bottom (like blue, black, or gray) and a more fun color on top. By switching up this dynamic and putting the neutral on top and the color on the bottom, you create an interesting new look that adds life to your wardrobe. We have these available in a wide plethora of colors so you can rock them in any season. My favorite colors for this summer are chinois green and blue fog. 

4. Experiment with patterns! Invest in a couple statement pieces that have fun prints. For example, patterned button-ups are perfect for the summer season as more time for leisure means more room for exploration. If you’re a classic guy, you can try wearing patterned socks for just a hint of excitement in your outfit.



5. Layers, layers, layers! Start mixing and matching the pieces you have to see what looks good together. I always love the look of a collared shirt under a crewneck. For hotter seasons, pair a short sleeve button down over a t-shirt and leave it open. Alternatively, a lightweight sweater over a collared shirt fares well all year. This is also a great opportunity to introduce patterns as a subtle pop balanced with a neutral layer.


These tips are good for both casual and business attire. Take it a step further and match your accessories to your belt and shoes or rock a patterned sock that matches your new colored chinos. There are many more ways to get creative with your wardrobe. Don’t stop here, these are just jumping off points! The real goal here is to let your personality shine through the little details. Express yourself, take risks, and have fun!








Lola Mead
Stylist and designer based in Los Angeles, CA