Stately Vs. Amazon Prime Wardrobe


Nowadays the task of going shopping be it online or in person can be extremely time-consuming. With men’s clothing subscription boxes such as Stately, all the hassle from shopping can be removed.

Just take our style quiz and our personal stylists will curate a box of on-trend pieces just for you! 

Let’s compare Stately and Amazon Prime Wardrobe to see which box is more worth it. 

Stately Vs. Amazon Prime Wardrobe

Here are some of the features that set these two brands apart:


At Stately you pay $99 for 3+ handpicked items ($200+ value) or $149 for the Luxe box ($300 + value), which includes 5+ pieces of hand-picked premium men’s wear. Stately is able to bring affordable prices to their client base by buying partnering with your favorite brands such as Calvin Klein, Perry Ellis, Levi’s and so many more. 

Amazon Prime Wardrobe will send you a box of up to eight items from various brands. The fee is $4.99 a month on top of your Amazon Prime membership ($12.99 a month or $119 a year), which is required to access this service. After you receive your items you will pay full price for the items you decide to keep, which can lead to the total cost of the box being quite high. 


At Stately we provide a personal stylist that curates your box for you every month according to your style quiz answers along with other factors such as your geographic location. This is included in the Sately subscription, so there is no added cost for this service. 

Amazon Prime Wardrobe, however, does not provide a personal stylist. Customers pick out their own pieces and then have the option to try them on at home before choosing which items to purchase. 

Try-On Period

Both Stately and Amazon Personal Shopper provide a try-on period where free returns of any items you may not like can be made. 

Final Words 

Stately gives its customers access to personal stylists who will curate stylish men’s fashion pieces for a reasonable price. Amazon Personal Shopper is the more expensive option that does not include the experience of having a personal stylist. The clear option for affordable yet stylish men’s wear is Stately.

Take our style quiz and get hooked up with your first box!