Upgrading your s/o's style with Stately

Do you know any man in your life who does not know how to dress? Does he say he just has no time to go shopping or does not care about what he wears? Maybe your s/o never knows what to put on before a date, or he’s a serial outfit repeater. Regardless of the issue this can all be solved with a subscription to Stately!

What is Stately? 

Stately is a premium menswear subscription box that offers stylish pieces hand picked by stylists according to the buyers taste. We partner with 20+ brands such Nick Graham, Levi’s, Calvin Klein, Ben Sherman and more. Our stylists not only take the stress out of shopping, they also prepare each box as a full head to toe outfit. This eliminates the need to even put together the outfit yourself. 

How Does it Work?

You or the individual you are gifting your box to will fill out a style quiz. This quiz will ask about their style preferences, sizes, the climate they live in and so on. After the style profile is complete it will be sent to one of our stylists who will then curate the perfect box to fit the style needs of any guy in your life. 

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At Stately you pay $99 for 3+ handpicked items ($200+ value) or $149 for the Luxe box ($300 + value), which includes 5+ pieces of hand-picked premium men’s wear. Stately is able to bring affordable prices to their client base by partnering with your favorite brands such as Calvin Klein, Perry Ellis, Levi’s and so many more. All boxes come with a free return and exchange period.

With it’s affordable pricing and on-trend pieces a Stately subscription will be a great gift for birthdays, father’s day, anniversaries or for any guy who needs to upgrade his wardrobe. 

Final Words 

Stately is the perfect way to help any man in your life revamp his style. Whether he needs more clothes for a date or for the office, Stately and our team of personal stylists have it covered. With our affordable prices and stylish pieces, a Stately box will be the perfect gift for any guy. Sign up today and receive your first box!