Stately Vs. Bombfell

Looking for a high-quality men’s monthly clothing box? Sick of endlessly scrolling only to find highly-priced brands that don’t serve what you need? If you are then we have the solution to all your styling problems. At Stately, we believe in providing the best product and service and so we leave nothing out.

You are probably wondering why you should choose us. Let’s let the facts speak for themselves and then you can decide after this comparison if you should choose a men’s monthly clothing box from Stately or Bombfell.

Stately Vs. Bombfell

Every feature will be compared for both the brands so you can make an informed decision. Let’s get started so you can choose the best men’s clothing subscription box.


This is the biggest factor that goes into everyone’s decision as we all want good quality products at an economical rate. Stately prices its men's clothing box at $99 per package. Of course, this is the starting package and you can choose from various ones depending on your budget.

Bombfell on the other hand prices its products depending on the number of items you keep. For example, if you buy decide to keep 2 shirts from the clothing box then you will pay the exact price of the product with a 10% discount.

However, even at two items and a 10% discount, you will still have to pay around more than $100 because of the high prices of the products in their collection. With Stately you will get an entire men's clothing box with a starting price of $99!


Do you know why just keeping two shirts from Bombfell is more expensive than ordering our whole box? Our pricing system doesn't include the retail mark-up and the reason why you can save at least 50% of the money while shopping from us. 

Bombfell charges the retail mark-up because of which their products are more costly even after a discount.

Premium Brands

We believe in taking your style game to the next level and this is why Stately provides the best premium menswear brands. We have collaborated with many top brands such as Calvin Klein, Ben Sherman, Levi’s, Nick Graham, and many more so you can have a men’s clothing box full of high-quality products!

Bombfell doesn’t provide its clients with premium menswear brands. Their clothing box has brands that are people use daily and so you don’t have many high-quality options.

Try-On Period

Stately has a 5 day trial period, whereas, Bombfell offers a period of up to 7 days for trying on clothes and making any returns if need be.

Styling Fee

Both Stately and Bombfell don’t charge any additional amount for consulting with their personal stylist.

Final Words

With these facts, we can safely conclude that Stately is a superior men’s clothing box subscription brand. This is because you get more items that are high-quality at a lower cost than Bombfell. The choice is yours then, do you want to look the best at the best prices? If yes, then choose Stately and get the best men’s clothing subscription now!