Stately Vs. Trunk Club

Stately Vs. Trunk Club

All of us get bored of picking out the same clothing items again and again. It feels monotonous and you might lose a sense of your style as you look for convenience. What if we tell you that you can have both convenience and style at the same time?

Men’s clothing box subscriptions are specifically curated to suit your style and your clothing needs. You can have the best items at the best prices on your doorstep and all you have to do is tell us your style! Stately provides the best men’s clothing box that you will love.

Don’t take our word for it. Let’s compare Stately with Trunk Club and then you can decide for yourself which option is better.

Stately Vs. Trunk Club

Here are some of the features that set these two brands apart:


Stately asks you to pay one low price of $99 per package with a few clothing items. We have another package of $149 and you can choose between the two.

However, if you opt for Trunk Club you will have to pay for the individual items in the box and this can be expensive. Their everyday clothing essentials start at $25 and go all the way to $300.

Whereas, if you want a good brand and something stylish then the starting price of those items is $200. This means that one box can be extremely expensive if you are on a budget.

Styling Fees

Stately offers a personal stylist that you can talk to about your style and they will provide you with their top picks that you can choose or not. For this, we don’t charge any fees.

Trunk Club on the other hand provides this service too but it charges a $25 stylist fee that you have to pay with the men's clothing box subscription.

Try-On Period

Both the brands provide a try-on period of five days after which you can return or exchange the clothing items. Returns and exchanges are free.

Brands Offered

Stately offers a range of premium brands in your men’s clothing box such as Calvin Klein, Levi’s, Ben Sherman, Kenneth Cole, and many more.

Trunk Club offers many brands that already exist on Nordstorm such as Ted Baker, Boss, Cole Haan, and many more.

Stately has more premium brands than Nordstorm for its men's clothing subscription. 

Retail Mark-Up

Trunk Club is more expensive because it provides the clothing items with the retail mark-up. However, with Stately you can save up to 50% on your purchases as our clothing box subscription items don’t have the retail mark-up included. This is why the starting price of our clothing box is $99!

Final Words

We all want to look the best at the best prices. Your hard-earned money shouldn't be utilized towards something too expensive when you can get something better at a much lower price.

The facts speak for themselves and they conclude that Stately is a better choice for men's clothing boxes. What are you waiting for then? Create your style profile and get the best clothing items from us now!