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Stately Vs. Menlo Club

Stately Vs. Menlo Club

Looking to completely change your wardrobe or upgrading it with the best style pieces? If you are then all you need is a men’s clothing box to do it. While there are many brands you can choose from in the market let’s talk about two of them: Stately and Menlo Club.

They both offer a clothing box subscription service that is set to change the way you dress. However, you need to know which one is a better choice for you so you can make an informed decision.

Let’s compare both these brands and then you can decide the one that is suitable for you.

Stately Vs. Menlo Club

Let’s compare some of the major features of both the brands that you will need to take account of before making a decision.

Pricing Structure

Stately offers two types of men's clothing subscription box. One is for $99 and the other is for $149. You can choose from any of these. The only difference is that the $99 package will have 3 or more items whereas the other package will have 5 or more items.

Menlo Club on the other hand works a bit differently. It is a membership-based subscription. This means you have to pay a monthly fee as a member and 2 – 3 items will be delivered to your doorstep every month. The membership fee is $60/month.

Personal Stylist

Stately provides the services of a personal stylist to whom you can send your style preferences and they will choose clothes for you based on your style. This service is free of charge and you can contact your stylist at any time.

Menlo Club doesn’t offer a personal stylist. All you will get with the clothing items is an email on how you can wear the clothing items. This means you can get any clothing items in the box that might not even match your style.

Range Of Brands

Stately offers a variety of high-end men's clothing brands and so you will get high-quality clothing items every time in your box. Their range of brands includes Kenneth Cole, Levi's, Ben Sherman, Calvin Klein, and many more that you want in your closet to up your style game!

Menlo Club’s clothing items are only restricted to the Fiver Four Group range of brands. This means every month till you are subscribed you will only get clothing items from these few brands. It limits your choices and can make your wardrobe look repetitive and won’t adapt to your style over time.

Returns And Exchange

You can return and exchange items from the box within five days with Stately and no fee is charged either. Menlo Club offers exchange but their service is not reliable. Exchanging clothes is a difficult process with them and you may have to just deal with the clothes you get in your box.

Final Words

If you only look at the brands from a price perspective then Menlo Club is cheaper. This is because they don’t offer high-end brands and you get stuck with what you get in the box.

If you want a men's clothing box that checks all your boxes, provides an amazing service and is affordable then get your Stately clothing subscription box now!

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