Suit Up For Summer

“No matter the weather, it’s always important to look professional, appropriate and, if you please, stylish” - The Gentlemen Manual

It’s Monday morning, it’s 90 degrees, and your alarm goes off. It’s time to go to work, which means you have to put on a suit. You start sweating just thinking about it. One of the biggest concerns of summer is how to dress appropriately despite the unforgiving weather. Luckily, you can incorporate the top men suit trends for the summer and still dress business casual - check out our new Out of the Box store by Stately. Our new interface allows you to shop for individual items that are not available in our monthly subscription boxes. If you’ve been yearning for the perfect suit for the summertime we have you covered with four suit styles that will have you looking trendy, yet polished, and need I say...Stately. Let’s jump into the looks!

The first of our best summer suits for men is the Paisley & Gray Ashton Peak Navy & Gray Seersucker. The vertical lines bring a lively look to the typical style of a plain navy suit. This print is known to elongate the body and give the appearance of a taller, slimmer frame. Let the suit speak for itself and aim for subtle accessories like a silver watch or a black belt. Seersucker is a light, breathable fabric perfect for the season that adds texture to a sleek look. Style the suit casually by pairing it with a plain tee and sneakers for a cool, summer look.

For those who love a bold style but prefer the clean look of a solid color suit, we have our Paisley & Gray Dover Notch Fern Green suit. You may wonder, why not a blue suit instead? Since it’s summertime, this is the most ideal time to step out of your comfort zone with colors that are considered “out the box” (no pun intended). Colors like fern or chinois green are amazing colors that capture the essence of Summer. Pastel color palettes showcase your light & breezy side. Since it’s made of a light linen-cotton blend, you can be just as comfortable as you are stylish. If this is a bit riskier for work, this would be the perfect mens summer wedding outfit! Pair it with a light neutral button-down and tan dress shoes.

Next up, we have the Paisley & Gray Dover Notch Navy & White Gingham Seersucker suit. Gingham is a timeless pattern that instantly reminds us of the season. Not to be confused with plaid, it is a fun pattern that lends itself to further creativity. Accessories like a fedora hat or bold sunglasses can complete this trendy look. This suit is also made of seersucker, meaning it’s one of the more sweat-resistant. Another great thing about this fabric is that you don’t really need to worry about ironing, thanks to the puckered texture that prevents it from creasing. Pair it with a white button-down and colored (navy or red works well here) shoes. Wear it from work to a fun night out.

The last suit to showcase is our Paisley & Gray Ashton Peak Blue Window suit. If not all suits give the GQ effect, this one certainly does! With the pop of color and floral detailing, this suit is where Summer meets elegance. It’s also made of a breathable linen-cotton blend that’s perfect for the office or on vacation where you have an event that calls for summer formal menswear. One of our favorite ways to tailor a suit is to hem the pants to show a little bit of the ankle, giving you the opportunity to show off your most stylish shoes. It’s a small difference that takes your outfit up a notch. You could definitely pair this look with a loafer shoe with no-show socks and a belt to coordinate. Walk in the office and own it.

All of the suits are slim fit and require dry cleaning only. You can go up a size for a more roomy fit. Pants are in a 32’’ but may be extended to 33.5’’or tailored for your inseam length.

Now that we’ve covered these amazing men's summer suits, it’s time for you to choose the perfect one for you. Even if you don’t wear a suit to work, check your calendars. Will you need to soon scout for men’s wedding outfits? A brunch or dinner coming up? We’re having a big sale on suits for men right now so don’t miss it! Remember there’s no such thing as being overdressed for anything. When you look good, you feel good. We’ve got you covered here at Stately Men.




Kayla Washington
Stately stylist, writer, and designer based in Los Angeles, CA