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Who Do We Work With? Meet the Brands

Who Do We Work With? Meet the Brands
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Have you ever wanted to upgrade your wardrobe but didn’t know how? Many modern men feel this way. The pressures and desires to dress well are strong, but it’s often hard to find the time, money, and energy to put together a complete wardrobe.

That’s where we come in. 

At Stately, we pride ourselves on delivering comfortable and stylish clothes to your home for a great price. Our stylists choose your tailored outfits from more than 20 amazing men’s clothing brands. Now, we want to introduce the brands to you. So without further ado, here are the companies that make our work possible!


Bonobos Men's

Bonobos men’s clothing is a high-end company that offers a variety of clothes including sweaters, blazers, and the best-fitting pair of pants you’ll ever own. Its goal is to create styles that will fit all dress codes and seasons.


Robert Barakett

This Montreal-based clothing line is all about you! Robert Barakett’s comfortable and stylish clothing subtly highlights your best attributes without overshadowing your individuality. It’s especially known for its tees and crewneck shirts.


Good Man Brand

The Good Man Brand is all about the important moments in your life. Whether it’s an important business meeting with a client or the date when you pop “the question,” this clothing line wants to be there with you and help you look your best. We are huge fans of its shoes and jackets.


Tailor Vintage

Tailor Vintage is the king company of flannel shirts! It uses the best materials in ageless styles all while working to become climate neutral and partnering with two sustainability movements. This coastal-centered company has clothes that are made to last.


Ben Sherman

Straight from the British Isles, the Ben Sherman brand has a variety of offerings from polarized aviators and other accessories to comfortable loungewear and an array of shirts. It makes all its pieces durable enough to withstand an active lifestyle. This is by far our most popular brand and because of this we offer it in every styling category!


JACHS New York Men's

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Another popular brand that we offer in every style category is the vintage-inspired JACHS New York men’s clothing. The modern design of this brand comes with its custom fabrics and quality make, having the philosophy that “great style should be effortless.” Its fall collection features a variety of jackets and attractive corduroy pants.


Buffalo by David Bitton

Now celebrating its 50th anniversary, Buffalo Jeans by David Bitton is our go-to for everything denim. High-quality blue jeans are a part of its timeless initiative to make clothes that set you apart. We are here for it.


WRK (Work Rest Karma)

Work Rest Karma’s, better known as WRK, these contemporary outfits are aesthetic, comfortable, and functional and range from casual to black tie. Although it has a wide variety of types of clothing, dress shirts are its forte.



Comfort is key with Construct. It specializes in performance dress shirts and reinvents traditions. Bold designs are a big part of its brand. It partners with Best Friends Animal Society to save cats and dogs all around the US.


Selected Homme

Selected Homme designs many kinds of clothing, but we are especially impressed with its business casual attire. It’s an international company with stores in 43 countries. This name-brand company emphasizes confidence and individualism in all its clothes.



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Vustra is an eco-friendly shirt brand that is working to supply you (through us) with fun, uniquely patterned sustainable clothing. Some of its work includes planting trees, using only low-impact materials, and working to maintain ethical working environments. It sells collared shirts and tees. 



DKNY embodies the personality and aesthetic of New York City. The clothes are modern and casual and use bold colors and patterns to draw the eye. This company is all about standing out, and its styles will do that any day.


Tommy Hilfiger

As one of the world’s most recognizable luxury brands, Tommy Hilfiger combines preppy and classy into a signature look not easily forgotten. One interesting fact about this company is that its founder, Tommy Hilfiger himself, still heads the design and logistics process on a global scale.


Perry Ellis Men's

Perry Ellis men’s clothing tosses tradition to the side in favor of fun textures and colors. It has pants, shirts, jackets, and just about any other clothing essentials you can think of! It designs with real life in mind and makes versatile outfits that will keep your wardrobe fresh.


David Donahue

David Donahue is a men’s shirt brand based out of New York City. It has styles ranging from casual to formal. This family-run business is iconic.


Paisley and Gray

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Paisley and Gray is fashion-forward and fierce. It brings bold patterns and colors to the forefront of its collections. Its signature suits are built for self-expression. It designs its beautiful clothes from the inspiration of daily life.


Mavi Men's

Mavi is another amazing denim jean company. It sells almost a dozen different pant fits and its sweatshirts complement them perfectly. Its eco-friendly design is the cherry on top of a great brand.


Original Penguins Men's

This brand was inspired by a taxidermied penguin who lost its head. If that doesn’t describe this company, nothing will. Original Penguin is a funky and colorful lifestyle brand that turns classic designs like golf and polo shirts into innovative fits.


Calvin Klein Men's

Calvin Klein is arguably the most famous men’s clothing company in the world, so there’s not much we need to say about it! Its name-brand status and high-quality outfits take our boxes to the next level.


Hudson Men's

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Hudson men’s mostly offers jeans, but it also has some modern and creative shirts and jackets. Its base is in LA, and it makes cool look effortless.


DL1961 Men's

DL1961 men’s jeans are a must-have! It's raising the bar for the denim industry by making its jeans out of recycled materials. Its high-quality processes give your wardrobe a brand-new feel.


Johnston and Murphy Men's

We love Johnston and Murphy men’s shoes. It offers kicks in so many different styles, colors, and sizes. It’s been around for almost 200 years and has perfected its trade.


34 Heritage

34 Heritage makes pants and embodies what it means to be a modern gentleman. Its size inclusivity sets them apart from other men’s clothing brands.


Steve Madden Men's

Shoes are some people’s main avenue of personal expression. Steve Madden was made for those people. Its shoes are off-the-wall cool, and they’ll give you the individuality you’ve been craving in your wardrobe.


Kenneth Cole Men's

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Kenneth Cole is a versatile men’s clothing brand that will dress you for any environment you find yourself in throughout the day. Its focus on improving society and the environment is a huge bonus.


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